Who is the Bulgarian Rose Plc?
The Bulgarian Rose Plc - over 65 years tradition in aromatics, maintaining a 330 year old Bulgarian tradition in aromatic products!

The Bulgarian Rose Co. was created in n 1948 based on the existing in the Karlovo Valley essential oils and aromatic products distilleries. Initially the factory was an independent entity, which after the creation of the Concern Pharmachim was joined as a subsidiary. Until the 1960’s the production of the Bulgaria Rose Co. is seasonal and includes distillation of essential oils. For more visit: http://www.bulgarianrose.com

In the beginning of 1973 begins the incorporation of sauces and compositions for the tobacco industry and compositions for toothpaste aromatization. In 1976 the factories in Karlovo, Kazanlak, Plovdiv, Gorna Oriahovitsa and Shoumen are combined in the Bulgarian Rose Ltd headquartered in Karlovo. In the same year is created the Research and Development Center. The R&D center works on implementing products in production, solving production issues and at the same time developing and adopting new technologies and products. In this period the company is the main producer of natural rose water and lavender alcohol. In 1981 are adopted and production begins of series of phyto shampoos. During the 1983 to 1996 the Bulgarian Rose company is privatized and undergoes several transformations. In 1997 the various facilities are privatized and are established as Limited Liability Company.
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